2019 FIAT Scudo Review

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2018 Fiat Scudo Restyling Modified HD

The Fiat Scudo is a mid-size minivan that was first introduced in 1995. It is larger than Fiat Doblo and smaller than Fiat Ducato. The standard passenger modification is very popular and is widely used by taxi services. The passenger version is available with a short (5 seats) or a long wheelbase (9 seats). Immediately it is necessary to say that the Fiat Scudo 2019 is not equipped with LED lights, so popular with many manufacturers. Therefore, the front part of Fiat Scudo, comparable to other models, looks not so […]

2019 Fiat Doblo Review

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2019 FIAT Doblo Redesign

 Fiat Doblo 2019 model year – cargo van Fiat Doblo 2 generation debuted in 2009, and in the fall of 2015 experienced a restyling. In the course of the last update, the car received a new interior and a seriously redrawn appearance. Initially, the Fiat Doblo II stood out with a large grille and head optics calling on the wings and hood. But the updated version completely changed the design of the front, including the grille, bumper and headlights. The technical characteristics of the updated model have not changed significantly. […]

2019 Fiat Fullback Review

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Fiat Fullback 2018 Truck Pickup Wagon HD

This pick-up truck was presented at the Dubai Car Exhibition two years ago. The Fullback is Fiat’s replication of the new-gen Mitsubishi L200. Both cars share with each other design and specifications with difference in a grille badge and interior decor options. As its Japanese counterpart, the Fullback is produced at Mitsubishi’s Thai plant and is going to be available in Europe, Africa and Middle East. For 2019, the Italian automaker is going to released the pick-up with some changes although generally the car will keep its current appearance. The […]

2019 Fiat Toro Review

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New Fiat Toro Model Updates HD

Derived from the concept code-named Project 226, the Toro has come as a strong competitor for the Renault Duster on the Brazilian market. Recently, the Italian automaker has presented a new model of the pick-up for the model year of 2019. This car has been based on the same architecture as the Renegade. For the powertrain, the vehicle will receive two engine options. Supposedly, these are going to be a diesel and a petrol motors which will be complemented with AWD transmission. As  the Jeep and Dodge companies, the Fiat’s […]