2019 Jaguar X-Type Review

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New 2018 Jaguar X-Type Wallpaper for Mobile HD

For eight years, this vehicle categorized as a luxury compact executive car had been Jaguar’s flagship until it was discontinued and replaced by the XE. However, this new model didn’t show the results expected earlier, and that made the company think of some changes in their policy. Despite the fact that the Jaguar crew claimed that there’s no doubt about the XE, it’s not quite true and there are evidences that they want to resume the X-Type. The first variant of the model has recently been caught on spy photos […]

2019 Jaguar XK Review

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Release Data Jaguar XK HD

According to some information, Jaguar is going to release a renewed version of their well-known grand tourer as a 2019 model. Considerable updates will be made for the outer appearance, technological set as well as performance. As the company expects, these upgrades will make the car successful in its class on the market as the new XK will show excellent driving qualities and a high comfort level. We have to admit that the XK is a special vehicle in the convertible class due to the luxury design offered by the […]

2019 Jaguar XE Review

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New 2018 Jaguar XE Redesign Specs HD

Back in 2014, Tata Motors introduced this compact executive car. Steadily, it appeared on the world markets. The XE is available with both RWD and AWD. The car’s architecture features a lot of aluminum details including riveted monocoque and an innovative suspension system. Although, last year, buyers got an opportunity to purchase a new sport version of the XE, the manufacturer has made some additional improvements for the model. The renewed vehicle’s base trim which has received additional codename 25t will be equipped with a new l4 engine. The advanced […]